Our staff is family

This new service is just another reason for Meyerland Service Station's customer loyalty and repeat business. "Our staff is family here, so we know our customers," Rick said with pride. "We offer a high level of service and our crew is highly competent, which creates a high level of trust and our customers know we're fair...plus, we've become a neighborhood fixture." Rick is as proud of the family atmosphere his service station has developed as he is of its reputation for complete automobile repair services. "We can fix anything that breaks on an automobile, from check engine lights(using factory scan tools)  to electrical systems, brakes, tires and wheel alignments with state of the art Hunter Equipment, transmission work, body repair and paint, interior work...if it's part of your car, we can fix it," he explained. And when you get ready for a new car, the dealership on site will buy your old one or even help you get your next one. Meyerland Service Station also provides road service and towing. "We're just one phone call away," he said, "and we also have loaner cars for our customers."

The veteran mechanic said the biggest mistake owners make in auto maintenance is not doing regularly scheduled maintenance until something breaks. Then it's too late. "As part of our effort to provide complete Houston Auto Repair to our customers, we track maintenance for you and send reminders when maintenance comes due -- alignments, oil change, tire rotation," Rick continued. "The advantage of coming to us for a fill-up or an oil change is your car doesn't get neglected, and this also helps avoid breakdowns. Every one of our services comes with a complimentary multi-point inspection of your vehicle."

He said the hardest part of running this Meyerland Auto Shop is staying on top of all the changes automobile manufacturers make every year. "We go to continuing education classes to learn how to work with the technology on new cars," he said. "It's changing so rapidly, so we make it our priority to be on top of our skills."

More than 90 percent of the station's business is from repeat customers. "The only time we want to lose a customer is when they move or when they pass away," Rick said, "and at the end of the day, I get a really good feeling that we've helped people...that we've been of service to others...that we're going a good job, and our customers know we're here to help them get through any problems they have with their vehicles."

To learn more about Nitro-Fill for your tires, automotive repair, maintenance and other services, call Meyerland Service Station at 713-664-7298, go by 5265 Beechnut or email White at rick@mssautosales.com