More than 100 years

More than 100 years have elapsed since the first gasoline filling station opened in this country. Those folks who were beginning to drive in in 1970s in Texas can remember your daddy's service station -- where attendants not only filled the car's gas tank but also washed the windows all the way around, cleaned the mirrors, checked the oil, and made sure tires were properly inflated.  That was long before self-service gas stations were introduced, remote access pumps were installed and pay-at-the-pump transactions became possible. Today more than 98 percent of all gasoline sold in the United States is self-service.

Now meet Rick White, general manager of Meyerland Service Station, 5265 Beechnut. Mr. White owns one of the 2 percent of America's true full-service stations and a throw-back to the days when service stations actually provided one-stop care, maintenance and repair for vehicles of every description. Rick said his interest in automobiles dates back some 50 years when, as a youngster he became attracted to cars. "Like most kids, I liked fast cars," he said, "and my passion for repairing and maintaining cars in top running condition and keeping up with new technology has continued."

Customers of his Meyerland Auto Shop are true fans, and their word-of-mouth raves and referrals have built Rick's large, loyal list of regulars since he opened his own business one Monday in September 2005. The following Friday, Hurricane Rita struck.  Rick was able to meet lots of his neighbors then, as his station was one of the very few places in Houston that remained open before the storm was scheduled to affect Houston.  Many of the folks who benefited from his hands on service in hours before it became apparent that Rita would largely leave Houston unscathed, remain loyal customers today.

For Houston Auto repair it is clear that if you want to deal with someone you can trust then you need to deal with Rick and his team at Meyerland Conoco