Ingredients of success

Rick believes the most important ingredient in the success of Meyerland Service Station, is SERVICE. Most of the station’s employees have been with Rick for over 10 years. Moe, Meyerland Service Station’s Service Manager is the face of the repair side. Moe is passionate about insuring that each customer has a satisfactory experience. Robert,  a Lead Technician, has worked alongside Rick for nearly 20 years, since before the debut of Meyerland Service Station. Denise, who is instrumental to the used car sales side of the business, is a longtime friend and has been working with the dealership operation since 2008. Their longevity together has given rise to a running joke at the shop about how many of  customers  assume Rick and Denise are married! Malik, who manages the convenience store and customer credit operations, has worked with Rick since 2001.  Rick’s daughter, Megan, is president of dealership operations and juggles her office duties with school, while truly making this Meyerland auto shop a family business.

The newest service being offered by this unique, full-service gas station -- where everybody knows your name -- is Nitro-Fill, a service that replaces the air in your tires with 98-99% pure nitrogen. The benefits are many for your safety and convenience. No longer will that pesky low tire light come on every time the temperature changes. No more having to stop and inflate the tires every month or two. Your vehicle will get better fuel mileage, it will handle and drive better, the tires will last longer and run cooler, and your expensive alloy wheels will no longer be attacked by corrosion from the inside by water and oxygen! "Nitrogen is the same thing used to keep aircraft tires inflated," Mr. White says. " "Nitro-Fill -- nitrogen tire inflation -- takes about 10 minutes. After that, tires won't leak, filling them with nitrogen saves wear and tear and nitrogen-filled tires improves handling of the vehicle. With this service, you fill'em and forget 'em. "Nitro-Fill” also comes with a package that includes 24-hour towing, battery service and a $200 tire replacement policy. 

Whether you just need your tires filled, or need some other form of Houston Auto Repair, call us.